Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most commonly-asked questions from our members and guests, and it's a great way to familiarize yourself with the information on how our program works, what it can do for your business, and what the benefits of being a member are.
We update the questions several times each month, and we invite you to email us at if you think there's something we should have here but don't.
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What information do you report on my business?

Great question! The credit bureaus have minimum reporting requirements that include your company's unique account number, business name, address, and phone number, as well as your current account balance and overdue balance amounts.

Every company reporting can also include additional optional data, and we do because we want to ensure that other prospective creditors have a full picture. So, we also report your terms with us (based on the program you choose this can show as NET-30, NET-60, or NET-90 days), your credit limit (also determined by the program you choose), the average number of days it takes for you to pay your invoices with us, the number of "trade experiences" (each transaction counts as a trade experience, so each regular monthly membership payment and each payment on your credit line counts as an additional experience) we have had with you. The more data we share, the better bureaus are able to properly assign various scores it uses to provide ratings to other creditors.

What do I get for my monthly membership?
Every one of our plans includes the following as basic benefits:
  • FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Colorado Note Brokers program (beginning January 2022) to help you find capital for your business.
  • FREE UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT and consultations to help you address business credit- related issues, goal planning, and progress updates and assistance.
  • Monthly reporting to multiple business credit bureaus of your account activity with us (for details, see the question titled "What information do you report on my business?").

In addition to the standard benefits available with all programs, our higher-tiered programs offer additional benefits, including higher credit limits and longer term periods (NET-60 or NET-90 rather than NET-30) with which to pay your consulting invoices. In addition, the higher tiers include FREE phone-based consultation time (as much as six hours, a $210.00 value) and priority same-day email support.

Our goal is to help you build your business (and business credit) the right way. There is a great deal of false or misleading information out there on the web that can steer you in the wrong direction and cost you thousands of dollars while keeping you from where you focus should be - on growing your business. We can advise you on the right mix and types of credit that are appropriate for your specific business and situation, and since we accept no money for anything we recommend, you can trust that our advice is unbiased and only comes with your best interests in mind.

What can I do using your phone or email support services?

We don't really place much in the way of limitations on how we serve our members who use our telephone and email-based support services, because we recognize that every situation is unique. But to answer your question, some of the most common requests we receive include:

  • Questions on how to obtain, review, or understand business credit reports.
  • Assistance writing letters to obtain credit or requesting reconsiderations of denial decisions from creditors. This actually CAN work if it's done correctly.
  • Feedback and advice on creating a plan for establishing credit and understanding what types of credit are appropriate to the objectives and goals of the business.

These are just a few ideas, of course. It is important to note that we cannot and do not provide legal, accounting, or tax advice, since we are not accountants or lawyers, In such cases we may speak in generalities, but we always caution that you should seek expert professional advice before doing anything. Still, we will do all we can to inform and point you in the right direction to solve your issue or achieve your goal.

What if I decide I want to stop participating in the program?

While we always hope it won't be the case, there will times when someone decides to discontinue their membership for one reason or another, and we understand. There is no penalty for cancelling, and you can do so at any time. The only change for you if you do this is that we will no longer be reporting any new information about your business.

Remember that payment history does go "stale". What does that mean? Well, some creditors look at how recent your trade experiences are, and they may give less weight and consideration in their scoring model to trade experiences that are not as recent as others. This is something other services out there might not tell you about, but it's an important factor to consider before deciding whether or not to cancel your membership with us. Still, the choice is always yours.

Why is your program so "cheap" compared to others I've seen?

To be honest, when I first began working on building my own business credit, I was frankly shocked at what some companies wanted to charge for their "help". Not only that, but after researching what many of them "guaranteed" they could do for me and discovering it wasn't always true (or at the very least it was badly misrepresented), I decided it was better to figure out how to do it on my own. After all, I was a small business just getting started, and while I recognized the importance of needing good business credit, I couldn't drain the company dry to do it.

I created this program because I truly want to help businesses like yours obtain and build the good business credit they need to thrive as you grow. It doesn't cost a fortune to do what my company does, so it shouldn't cost you a fortune either. The simple truth is, with enough client members, we make a good living at this, but wanting to have good credit for your business shouldn't come with such a cruel choice of paying for the help or using that money to get your business going.

All of our programs are affordable, and each provides unique benefits that let you choose what kind of help you'd like from us at a price that won't make you lay awake at night thinking about it. You can always do this on your own, just like I did, but I prefer to provide you with a low-priced alternative that lets you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I made along the way so that you get it right the first time.

It is important to us that we do this the right and honest way, so we aren't going to advise you to go out and sign up for a bunch of NET-30 vendors who want to sell you overpriced merchandise you don't want or need and which keeps you from focusing your resources and efforts on growing your business. We provide honest advice on what kind of credit makes the most sense for your situation and the type of business you are running. And our services go beyond credit issues - we help with business plans, how to choose accountants and other professionals your business may need, and how to properly structure your business so that you avoid the pitfalls that come with making the wrong choices. We want you to succeed in business!

How long does it take before you start reporting my account to the bureaus?

We usually report client account activity on the first business day of each month.

What is the difference between 30, 60, and 90-day payment terms?

Obviously the first and most important distinction between 30, 60, and 90-day payment terms is how long you get to pay your invoices from the date they're generated, so the longer the better, as long as there are no fees or interest charges associated with having longer terms (some creditors will do this, by the way).

Another big difference is the way prospective creditors view the terms you've received from other creditors. While there is no hard and fast rule about it, there's little question that the longer the terms are from existing creditors, the more favorably new prospective creditors will evaluate your history. It makes sense that the longer any creditor is willing to give you, the less of a risk they see you as for non- payment, so it only follows that new creditors seeing this might be more inclined to either grant you credit in the first place or give you better terms for what credit they do give.

What if I use more than my plan's included phone support time in a month?

That is really the purpose of having your credit line with us. Let's say you choose the $19.95 SIlver plan, which includes two hours of telephone support time per month, and then in a particular month you need an additional 5 hours of time. Those additional hours are billed at the rate of $35.00 per hour against your plan's credit line. So, in this example we would invoice you on a NET-30 basis for the 5 hours for a total of $175.00, and this activity is reported within that month's reporting cycle.

What happens if I use my credit line for consulting time and then don't pay the bill?

To put it simply, don't do that. We are showing faith in you by extending credit that costs us money. After all, the people who provide you with consulting time have to be paid, and there are office expenses, of course. If a client doesn't pay an invoice by the due date then it is reported as "late", and of course we will initiate collection efforts. We can honestly say that so far, our clients have a great track record of paying on or ahead of time, and we want that streak to continue!

It is very important for YOU to provide accurate information, too. We encourage you to make sure you update your account record to reflect any changes (such as address, telephone, etc.) so that we are reporting it properly to the bureaus. We can only report what you provide - we don't independently verify details about your business, so make sure it is right and stays updated.

Can I change the program I sign up for?

In a nutshell, no. You always have the option of cancelling and choosing a new plan, but we generally don't offer the option to change plans.